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For about 20 years, Edelmetalle Sandkühler, located in the regional capital Stuttgart, have been buying gold and silver jewellery, coins, medals and other precious pieces.
Over the years, we have learned that some of our customers would prefer rather no to part with the old jewellery they have come to love. This is one of the reasons why we have been lending money on jewellery, for many years. Pawnbroking is a credit similar to a bank loan which is subject to clear legal regulations. Whereas the loan policy of banking houses focuses increasingly on the person and his/her economic situation when deciding to grant a loan, the credit decision in pawnbroking is based exclusively on the pawned object. We grant the pawnbroking loan without your having to present a salary record or a bank or positive credit standing report and without any information regarding the intended use.
Should you ever not be in a position to redeem your pawn on time, it is not you who are liable, but only your pawn.
We are pleased to answer questions we are frequently asked:

  1. The appraisal is always done free of charge
    For the pawnbroker loan, you pay one percent interest per month, plus the fees determined by law depending on the individual credit amount.

  2. Once you have accepted our offer, we will normally pay the credit amount immediately in cash.
    (If requested, the sum can also be remitted by bank transfer or cheque)

  3. In principle, you can redeem a pawnbroking loan on a day-to-day basis, the statutory maximum duration is three months. We grant an additional deferment period of one month.
    Consequently, you have a period of four months to redeem your pawn, which means collecting it after presenting your pawn ticket, paying the credit amount, plus interest and fees.
    Should adverse conditions prevent you from redeeming your pawn, it will be sold in an official public auction. The legislator does not prescribe any reminder or dunning letter on our part. The legal requirement is only a notification in due time (8 days prior to the auction) in the local press. Of course you may enquire at any time by phone in this regard.
    Any possible additional proceeds for your pawn can be collected from us within a period two years (otherwise it will be paid to the Land of Baden-Württemberg).

  4. Yes! An auction can be avoided if you pay your interest and fees prior to the expiry of the four-month term.
    In such a case, you will receive a new pawn ticket at unchanged conditions.

  5. No! Since the pawn ticket is a “bearer paper”, the client who presents the pawn ticket has the unrestricted right of disposal (without having to submit a passport or ID card).
    Customers are therefore asked to keep their pawning ticket carefully to prevent any misuse.
    If a pawn ticket does get lost despite taking care, please let us know without delay. In this case, we will draw up a “notice of loss” for you.

  6. Your pawn will be safekept and insured in accordance with the statutory provisions.

    Perhaps we have not been able to answer all of your questions in detail here. Please visit us, and we will then try to explain anything that may have remained unclear.

  7. Money against pawn - Optimal for coping with short-term financial difficulties
    No salary record, no statement of use, no credit standing report
    The conditions are clearly defined by law
    No liability beyond the pawned object

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