How long is the term of a pawnbroking loan?How long is the term of a pawnbroking loan?

In principle, you can redeem a pawnbroking loan on a day-to-day basis, the statutory maximum duration is three months. We grant an additional deferment period of one month.
Consequently, you have a period of four months to redeem your pawn, which means collecting it after presenting your pawn ticket, paying the credit amount, plus interest and fees.
Should adverse conditions prevent you from redeeming your pawn, it will be sold in an official public auction. The legislator does not prescribe any reminder or dunning letter on our part. The legal requirement is only a notification in due time (8 days prior to the auction) in the local press. Of course you may enquire at any time by phone in this regard.
Any possible additional proceeds for your pawn can be collected from us within a period two years (otherwise it will be paid to the Land of Baden-Württemberg).

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