This is how pawnbroking worksThis is how pawnbroking works

Sandkühler Pawnbroking Service offers you immediate cash for jewellery and watches, as clearly regulated by law. From Monday to Saturday, you can present your items in Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Ludwigsburg. To do this, you only need to give details of your ID card or passport.
The advantages in pawnbroking for you: The items brought remain your property throughout the term of the contract. It is not necessary to present a salary record or a bank or positive credit report.
Basics of pawnbroking: On concluding the contract, you are given a pawn ticket, which is a bearer instrument, with a term of three months plus a grace period of 4 weeks. Basically, the full sum of the loan is at your disposal for four full months. Interest and fees do not need to be paid until the end of the term.

The interests and fees are based on the amount of the loan. We charge 1% interest per month and 3% fees.

The amounts due on loans of less than EUR 300.00 are shown on the pawn ordinance displayed at our place of business. Alternatively, you can ask one of our employees.All contract data as well as our Standard Business Conditions are printed on the back and front of the pawn ticket.
Satisfied customers for more than 20 years Thanks to higher higher-than-average payment.

Due to their high fine gold content, gold coins and bars are particularly good articles for pawning.
It is possible to raise a loan on standard gold bars which are obtainable from all leading banks and institutions.
Pawning gold coins and medals is another way to obtain immediate cash.
A valid identity card is required for all pawnbroking procedures.

You can borrow money on gold jewellery between 8 and 24 carat.
Your jewellery remains your property and is put into proper storage.
A valid identity card is required for all pawnbroking procedures.

Borrowing against high-end branded luxury watches is also possible.
We grant loans on noble chronometers ranging from Audemars Piquets and Breitling, to Rolex and Zenith.
and you can rest assured that your treasured items are in the best of hands with us: We treat all issues arising in connection with your loan strictly confidentially and in accordance with current security standards.

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